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At Cairns Height Safety, we specialize in providing top-tier Rope Access Services and IMMOOS cable system solutions to meet all your height safety needs.

We provide Industrial Rope Access services.

Cairns Height Safety has over 28 years of experience within the Rope Access industry.

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Cairns Height Safety (CHS) is a leading provider of Rope Access Services and IMMOOS cable system solutions.

With over 28 years of experience in the industry, CHS is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency for your projects.

Explore our comprehensive range of Rope Access Services and innovative IMMOOS cable systems, designed to meet all your height safety needs.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your safety requirements with our expert solutions.

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Cairns Height Safety offers Industrial Rope Access services.

CHS has over 28 years of experience within the Rope Access industry, and we offer you the following services:

    Wind turbine maintenance

    CHS employees have undertaken GWO training and have experience rectifying blade corrosion and repairing turbine blades.

  1. Mould remediation

    Mould remediation

    David Whitfield is certified in Mould Remediation.

  2. High-pressure water blasting

    High-pressure water blasting

    CHS specialises in high-pressure washdowns of high-rise buildings and can also conduct chemical washdowns to kill mould spores.

  3. Window cleaning

    Window cleaning

    CHS specialises in window cleaning of high-rise buildings and uses the latest window cleaning technology.

IMMOOS Cableway

Cairns Height Safety is the Australian supplier of IMMOOS cable carriages.

As a complete rescue equipment supplier, IMMOOS delivers various cable rescue carriages.

Current regulations require every cable railway company to consider a potential rescue.

Safety equipment engineers must also consider simplicity and, above all, the safety of the required tasks for rescue personnel. Only then can it be possible to perform a successful rescue in time.

IMMOOS is a company that thinks about cableway rescues every day. As such, IMMOOS engineers pay special attention to ensuring that all equipment is simple to handle and easy to use. The 2-roller running gear results in smooth and stable running on the main cable. All devices are also certified and meet the requirements of the directive (EU) 2016/424 relating to Cableway Installations, and the EN standard 1909 Recovery and Evacuation.

However, it takes more than just good rescue equipment for a trouble-free rescue, especially to rescue all people in a cableway system within a specified time. Good planning, organisation, optimal rescue equipment, and trained personnel strongly influence a rescue’s success.

  1. IMMOOS cable carriages

    As a complete supplier of rescue equipment, IMMOOS delivers various types of cable rescue carriages. IMMOOS pays special attention to simple handling and efficient use in their design.

  2. IMMOOS self-propelled evacuation carriage

    Watch a short film demonstrating the operation of an IMMOOS self-propelled evacuation carriage Type SS1.

  3. IMMOOS self-driven carriage Type SS1 mGB

    Self-driven carriage with automatic centrifugal brake, dead man’s brake and hand brake.

IMMOOS Cableway Training

IMMOOS equipment training

Cairns Height Safety provides training in the operation and maintenance of IMMOOS devices. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

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Dave Whitfield – Owner of Cairns Height Safety.

With over 28 years of experience in the Height Safety and Rope Access industry, Dave Whitfield leads Cairns Height Safety in providing top-notch Rope Access Services and IMMOOS cable system solutions.

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